vendredi 29 août 2008

Tomita - Live at Linz, 1984 "The Mind of the Universe" (1985)

On September 1984, Isao Tomita presented a live, outdoor concert on the shore of the Danube river in Linz, Austria, for an audience of 80.000 people. Through his interpretations of classical music, Tomita was attempting to describe the 15-Billion years history of the universe. He employed 13 channels of sound, including one from a helicopter 1500 feet above the river, multichannels sound systems on either side of the river, and on a ship that also carried musicians and a chorus of 100 Austrian singers. 

The live recording includes electronic performances of Holst, Ravel, Vaughan Williams, Stravinsky, Prokofiev, Wagner and Beethoven (Ode to Joy from the 9th Symphony).

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coratogia a dit…

est-ce une drogue? i am leaving , yes, but where do they go? tomita makes wagner(tristan é Iseult) subliminal ,
my self consciousness is gone in stratospheres, the links between harmony and three dimensional perception, are evident !!
better than any Geode (where i've never been) the ears are able to see no??
i forget : thank you Dreamer