samedi 30 août 2008

Night Ragas, Volume Four (1990/1992)

This is an extract of a 16 CDs series entitled  From Dawn to Midnight, reflecting the changing moods of morning, afternoon, evening and night music through ragas. This series was produced by the Indian label "Music Today" (New Dehli).

Here are three ragas to be listened to during the night:

- Raga Naiki Kanhra: Shruti Sadolikar (vocals). Time: night.

- Raga Des: Pandit Jasraj (vocals). Time: late night.

- Raga Darbari: Amjad Ali Khan (sarod). Time: midnight and after.

These three haunting and meditative ragas need the depth of darkness to unveil all their beauty and mystery...

link: mp3 / 320

password: olduvai

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