vendredi 15 août 2008

Adham Shaikh and Tim Floyd - Drift (1996)

Adham Shaikh is one of the most fascinating and gifted composers /  performers of the global chill out and ambient scene. One of his trademarks is a special skill for blending together various musical styles, such as dub, trance and psychedelic, and for mixing musical traditions, between East and West, using acoustic instruments, tablas and flutes, as well as the latest digital technologies. 
Adham Shaikh released several albums such as Journey to the Sun (1993), Essence (2003), Fusion (2004) and Collectivity (2006). He is also featured on many Chill Out compilations.

One of my favorite albums is Drift, a joint venture with guitarist Tim Floyd. This is ambient music at its best, floating and inspired, with ethereal soundscapes that could remind Brian Eno, but with a strong originality.

It is the perfect soundtrack for your inner movies.... 

Here is a mp3 version of Drift

password: olduvai

More information about Adham Shaikh and online shop :

3 commentaires:

Anonyme a dit…

Listened to this last night what a piece! Your blog is great, lots of great artists who I've neer listened to (save Glass, Eno, and Mahler).

Martian Shaker a dit…

Adam Shaikh also produced an interesting album called Centripetal (1998), under the moniker EKKO.

Dreamer a dit…

Dear Martian Shaker,
Thanks for your comment... Yes, I have the "Centripetal" album, but I did not remember Adham Shaikh was involved... I will listen to it again...