mercredi 27 août 2008

Eduard Artemiev - Urga (1991)

Here is a splendid soundtrack by Eduard Artemiev for Nikita Mikhailov's movie, Urga.  Let's read these comments by the movie director: "The word "URGA" is a strange word for most people. For some, it means a hooked stick, with which Mongolian sheperds catch animals, but for the man who has for centuries lived in the infinite space called the steppes, "URGA" is the symbol of love, loneliness and power".

Urga won the "Lion d'Or" at the Mostra of Venezia in 1991.

Eduard Artemiev (b. 1937) is a famous Russian composer, who wrote many soundtracks for movies of directors such as Andrei Tarkovsky, Andrei Konchalovsky and Nikita Mikhailov. He is also an electronic music pioneer.

The Urga soundtrack was produced by Steve Hillage, who plays acoustic guitar on a few tracks. Electronic instruments are mixed with the strings of the Bolchoi Theater Orchestra. Guy Bertrand plays flutes, while Richard Galliano plays accordion.

This is a beautiful, serene and inspired music, quite symphonic at times, with haunting flute melodies and occasional voices singing Mongolian traditional songs.

The music and the movie are a poetical hymn devoted to the wide spaces of the steppes and to the nomadic tribes living there...

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