samedi 30 août 2008

Somei Satoh - Mantra & Stabat Mater(1988)

Somei Satoh is a Japanese composer (b. 1947), strongly influenced by Japanese music and dance as well as by an almost 19th century sense of Romanticism, updated through extensive use of electronic instruments and processing. Shintoism and Buddhism are the underlying philosophies of Satoh's musical work.

This album offers two compositions recorded live in 1987, at the Masonic Temple in New York City.

Mantra relies on Satoh's own voice, which was layered repeatedly during the recording and processed though delays and reverbs. It is is a very meditative piece, that reminds sometimes the overtones of buddhist prayers.

Stabat Mater is a composition for soprano (Jane Thorngren) and for a capella chorus (The Pro Arte Chorale). The mood is also meditative and is dedicated to women everywhere who have suffered such loss as Maria at the foot of the cross.

These two long ambient compositions create a world of infinite spaces and suspended times...

This is a New Albion recording: New Albion is a unique label for contemporary, minimalist and experimental music and you should definitely support them, browse their online catalogue and buy the recordings at emusic.

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