samedi 16 août 2008

Brian Eno - Pellisero Wine (Promotional CD, 2003)

Brian Eno is another of my all-times favorite artists. With his many collaborations, his video and multimedia installations, his work as a music producer and composer, Brian Eno is one of the most influential and innovative artists of our time... 

"Pellisero Wine" is a rare promotional CD, celebrating an Italian wine and offered to wine sellers. It features five unreleased tracks, in the same mood as Brian Eno's 2003 album, "Bell Studies for the Clock of the Long Now": these compositions experiment possible melodies and atmospheres for bell towers. Relying on  digital bell sounds (from FM synthesizers such as the Yamaha DX7), processed through various reverbs and delays, these compositions create strange and hypnotic soundscapes, between ambient and experimentation, with cycles of repetition ruled by mysterious mathematical laws.

Track list: 
1. Study 16 (x5, x3, series ratios)
2. Study 17 (Pythagorean ratios)
3. If a bell became a drone
4. Campion Vells
5. Bell Study with distant delay

Link to the mp3:
password: olduvai

4 commentaires:

Steve a dit…


Congrats on the very nice blog- your selections are really interesting so far.

I have tried to download this Eno promo CD on 2 different computers, and both times I ended up with zip files that 'failed to decompress'. Is it you or is it me?? Would you mind checking?

Thanks for sharing the music!

Dreamer a dit…

Bonjour Steve,

Thanks for your kind words.

I just checked the Eno file (download and decompression) and there was no problem... I compressed it with DropStuff (Mac version), as all the other files on my blog... You are the first to mention a problem with decompression... so perhaps your file was corrupted during the transfer ?

All the best !

Polychromos a dit…

you have a very fine blog with an assortment of really special music - thank you for your work. And for the presentation of Eno, too.

Unfortunately, I do not have the appropriate bottle of wine beside me.

may you have a sunny day. Polychromos

Anonyme a dit…

Thank you very much for making available such great music, particularly your excellent selections by Brian Eno. Speaking of which, do you have his Bell Studies for the Clock of the Long Now? I appreciate your posting the Pellisero wine CD.