dimanche 17 août 2008

Ishq - Orchid (2002)

Ishq is one of the most interesting artists in the new chill out / ambient scene. The man behind Ishq is Matt Hillier, a British musician who was very active in the London club scene in the 90s, blending together acid house and psy-ambient. He made a long break, and released in 2002 this beautiful and serene album, Orchid. I love this atmospheric music and its original sound and feeling, where electronics, flute, natural sounds, occasional female voice create a real chill out mood, refreshing and fascinating at the same time.

Brian Eno said once that ambient music is "a music to swim in, to float in, to get lost inside". 

Orchid is ambient music at its best, a sonic surrounding for a peaceful and dreamy listening time...

password: olduvai

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Anonyme a dit…

Very good and dreamy album! Specially the songs "Cyandragonfly" and "Bhakti". I did't knew Ishq at all. This is my first experience with their music. Thank you very much Dreamer :)

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house303 a dit…

Thank you!

dofels a dit…

thabks very much!! really. you made me very happy. you cant imagine.

dofels a dit…


dofels a dit…

cant open the zips! :(