vendredi 15 août 2008

Cluster - Sowiesoso (1976)

Cluster was an influential German band in the so-called "Krautrock" scene of the seventies and eighties of the last century. At their early beginnings, Cluster was Kluster, and it was a trio, including Konrad Schnitzler, Dieter Moebius and Joachim Roedelius. They were experimenting new sounds, new aesthetics, new horizons, in the same radical and innovative way as Tangerine Dream or Klaus Schulze. 

Konrad Schnitzler left the band and chose to push on his experimental creations as a solo artist. 

Cluster became a duo, composed of Moebius and Roedelius.

Sowiesoso is probably the best introduction to their music. Cluster was among the first artists to explore the horizons of ambient music. They created sonic landscapes, intimate and introspective, mixing guitar, bass and keyboards in an innovative way, where melody, atmosphere and mood are key-words.

In 1977, Cluster met Brian Eno and released an album with him. Atmospheric Krautrock German musicians met the so-called father of "ambient music" and played an important part in the new aesthetic directions Eno will choose.

Sowiesoso, in 1976, opened many new music paths, and ambient music was obviously one of them. 

"Es War Einmal" is one of my all times favorite ambient pieces. I love its melancholic, nostalgic mood... It inspires me the same feelings as while looking back at old photos, looking back at my chidlhood, at the past... This piece, relying on treated piano and keyboards, is the perfect soundtrack for the journeys of memory....

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Michael a dit…

Thanks so much, i love Cluster, Eno, Harold Budd...This blog is a treat for my eyes and ears, thank you!