mercredi 27 août 2008

The Ravi Shankar Project - Tana Mana (1987)

This album was released on Private Music, the record company founded by ex-Tangerine Dream Peter Baumann in the '80s (see Sanford Ponder's post below). And Peter Baumann was one of the producers of this album, with Frank Serafine and Ravi Shankar himself. 

Tana Mana is not an album of classical Indian music, but rather an experimentation in fusion and in world music, mixing Eastern and Western sounds and traditions. Tana Mana means "body and mind", and it could be a key to discover this album where Indian sitar meets digital samplers and synthesizers. 

Among the musicians involved into this album, George Harrison (auto-harp and synthesizer), Frank Serafine (vocals), Patrick O'Hearn (bass), Al Kooper (guitar). Lakshmi Shankar is credited for vocals, while other Indian musicians are credited for sarod, sitar, tablas, tanpura and other percussions.

Tana Mana could be considered as a pioneering step in the history of world music and world beat, and it displays Ravi Shankar's unique sitar playing skill at his best as well as  his musical open-mindedness.
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