mercredi 20 août 2008

From Here to Tranquility IV (1995)

"The meta-designer creates context not content". This Gene Youngblood's quotation in the booklet is a perfect introduction to this CD....

This is a nice ambient compilation album released on Silent Records, a San Francisco based independent label in the 90's, directed by Kim Cascone (who became a very interesting minimalist and electro-acoustic composer, still active today).

From Here to tranquility IV is sold out and out of print since many  years ... So it is a collector...and also an interesting historical testimony about the very beginning of the ambient and chill out musical trends.

The featured artists offer a great overview of  different styles of atmospheric and ambient music, with a touch of experimentation and psychedelism. 

In this compilation, we can find some rare tracks by musicians such as Alpha Wave Movement, Makyo, Mushroom Nation, Bad Data, 23 degrees, Lightwave, Michel Redolfi, Ray Guillette, So glObal and Fiorella Terenzi.

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Anonyme a dit…

A wonderful post. I've played if loads of times already. Many thanks

Anonyme a dit…


Thanks for sharing the cd with everyone. Its a really beautiful collection of ambient music and I am proud to have been included. BTW I am the artists/musician Alpha Wave Movement! 

More music on my website:

Take care!

Dreamer a dit…

Dear Alpha Wave friend,

Thanks for your kind message... I

I love your music and you are among the important artists in the Ambient and Chill Out scene...

I am trying to share in a fair way, that is promoting artists I love and who were important for me without stealing their work and preventing them from selling their music and get the reward they deserve...

Thanks again for visiting my blog !