mercredi 20 août 2008

J.S. Bach, Fuga a 6 voci / Cantata n°4 (Christ lag in Todesbanden" (ECM / 2003)

ECM is my favorite label. Either their jazz series or their Contemporary and classical series are pure masterpieces, with a very high standard of sound quality, musical production and artistic innovation. ECM is "the best next sound to silence", as Manfred Eicher, ECM founder and main producer, used to say.

I will probably not post whole ECM albums in this blog, but rather selected tracks that could be considered as an introduction to ECM aesthetics.  It will be like a personal compilation, in order to share with you some of the most beautiful atmospheric music produced by a record company since 1969 ! 

I would be very happy if even a very few visitors of my blog could be introduced to ECM and buy their CDs, as a way to support a truly independent and innovative record company....

To begin with, I chose some tracks from Ricercar, offering pieces by Johann Sebastian Bach and Anton Weber, played by the Münchener Kammerorchester (directed by Christoph Poppen) and The Hilliard Ensemble.

The first track is Bach's Fuga (Ricercata) a 6 voci, as orchestrated by Anton Weber. 

The six following tracks are  the Cantata N°4 "Christ lag in Todesbanden" BWV 4. The interpretation of this Cantata is sublime, so expressive and deep, with truly celestial voices. The Cantata was recorded in a München's church.

Other tracks of Ricercar (not posted here) include Anton Weber's String Quartet (1905) and Five Movementd for String Quartet op. 5

The contrast between Bach and Weber makes this ECM album very special and unique: it is available on the Itunes Store...

Link: mp3 / 320
password: olduvai

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coratogia a dit…

perfectly , 'joviously', Bach is revealed to us in a high light.
i will like this label

Anonyme a dit…

thank you. i wouldn't know about it without you.