vendredi 22 août 2008

Loop Guru - The Third Chamber (1995)

Loop Guru is a British duo composed of Salman Gita (bass, guitars) and Jamuud (programming). They met in the London club scene, in the early '80s and started experimenting together with tape loops, worldbeat rythms and various sound collages, relying on a series of tapes recorders, DAT machines etc, then on samplers and computers. In 1995, they signed to the North-South label, and agreed to release both a "pop record" and a more experimental album on an annual basis. The Third Chamber is their first experimental album: it is ambient music at its best, mixing together natural sounds, ethereal electronics and downtempo and hypnotic rythms, in a very original mood... This abum of atmospheric music is among my favorite ones...

Link : mp3/320
password: olduvai

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