lundi 1 septembre 2008

Peter Baumann - Trance Harmonic Nights (1979)

The name of Peter Baumann appeared already in this blog, since he was the founder of Private Music, a New York based record company specialized in new music in the eighties and early nineties.

Peter Baumann was also a member of Tangerine Dream, in the seventies, and he played a key-part in the musical odyssey of this German band, exploring the infinite possibilities of synthesizers for sound design and new composition patterns.

Peter Baumann left Tangerine Dream in 1977 and devoted himself to various production projects and to a solo career. Trance Harmonic Nights is his second solo album (the first one, Romance 76, was released in... 1976).

Trance Harmonic Nights is a beautiful album, and shows Peter Baumann's skills as a composer and a sound designer. Instead of the long cosmic and improvised tracks of Tangerine Dream's early recordings, Trance Harmonic Nights offer shorter tracks, structured around sequences, with melodic lines and spectacular sound effects. The music is at the same time impressive and intimate, with a romantic and a poetical touch. 

Peter Baumann used a synthesizer prototype, built by American company EMU. This Projekt Elektronik modular synthesizer offered a digital multichannel sequencer, which was one of the most advanced piece of equipment at that time. Peter Baumann used it for all the sequences of this album. 

Romantic German music for vintage synthesizers and avant-garde rythms, Trans Harmonic Nights is still a very pleasant album today....

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BFerry.PT a dit…

I like a lot your musical selection at yuor blog !
Very exquisite taste :-)
This Pater Baumann zip file upload has some errors from _01 till _08 mp3 files, 5 kbs each ...
Please could ypu reapload this PB album ?
Thanks in advance

Anonyme a dit…,
the download is ok...

24db a dit…

Actually the Projekt Elektronik Modular has nothing to do with the EMU synth. The PE moular was designed for PB by PE in 1976 (rumour has it cost $18,000) rumour also has it he couldn't afford to pay for it, so TD bought it off him, for years it was in TD's studio and then Chris Franke took it off to Hollywood where it sits (still powered up) in Chris's Storage place in the Hollywood hills

the saucer people a dit…

Such a beautiful album and thanks to you and the person in the comments section who filled in the information about the history of the Projekt Elektronik Modular synth - also thanks for sharing this in such a high quality rip so we can really appreciate the sonic innovations.

The other album I really like from Peter Baumann is the Leda 'Welcome To Joyland' release from 1978. If anyone has not heard it, I know rips are floating around various blogs, well worth tracking down.