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Jon Hassell / I Magazzini - Sulla Strada (1982/1995)

This rare album is a soundtrack composed by Jon Hassell for a theatrical play written by Federico Tiezzi from texts by Jack Kerouac, and performed at La Biennale in Venice, at the Teatro Malibran on May 28th 1982. The CD was released by "Materiali Sonori" in 1995.

In the booklet, Jon Hassell comments upon his musical project: "The style of music which I call "Fourth World" is a continual exploration of ways in which exotic musics from the tribal cultures of the Southern Hemisphere might be fused with the technological possibilities of the Western world (primitive future). It is an attempt to create music which dissolves the dichotomy between the structural and the sensual (classical and popular in western terms). 

The music for Sulla Strada is partially inspired by cerimonial music of the Beti and Bemileke of Cameroon. This is blended with other compositional and less geographically-specific elements in an attent to create a kind of musical scenery which is not entirely "primitive", not entirely "future", but some place impossible to locate either chronogically or geographically. (...)

The aim is to create a dense, ritualized sound atmosphere in which the stage action might take place and be formed within, in the same way that the density of water can be said to form the movements of a swimmer".

Jon Hassell (trumpet, synth, tapes) is accompanied by Nana Vasconcelos (udu drum), Michael Brook (guitar and mix),  Miguel Frasconi (percussion). 

Italian voices can be heard sometimes, but the nine tracks of this album offer beautiful and hypnotical climates, where loops, percussions and synthesizers create the dense and ritualized atmosphere Jon Hassell mentions in his comments...

A rare album by one of the most important musician and composer of the ambient planet...

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