dimanche 8 février 2009

Stephan Micus - Desert Poems (2001)

In the scene of world music, Stephan Micus (b. 1953)  is a world by himself. Most of his works were released on ECM: he recorded 20 albums so far, pure gems of ethno-ambient music, where he plays many musical instruments he gathered during his travels around the globe. Sarangi meets dilruba, shakuhachi meets flower pots, human voice meets nay, kalimba or doussn' gouni...  Stephan Micus could be the Mike Oldfield of world music, and multitrack recording equipement allows him to create strange symphonies blending musical cultures, beautiful polyphonies with his own voice or a single instrument.

Each album of Stephan Micus is like a travel, were beautiful landscapes are painted with the sounds and the unexpected hybridation of musical traditions: from India to Africa, from Bali to Japan, we are travelling with him along an imaginary and a spiritual Silk Road... Micus' compositions are fully contemporary and personal, they are ambient and contemplative, they create an intimate and beautiful mood where the musician and his listeners get closer through a same meditation.... 

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