dimanche 15 février 2009

Joachin Joe Claussell meets Manuel Göttsching (2006)

In the so-called "Electronic School of Berlin", Ash Ra Tempel was as important and as influential as Tangerine Dream and Klaus Schulze.  It started as a psychedelic & experimental rock band (Klaus Schulze played the drums) and then explored the trends of "kosmische musik", with different line up. Manuel Göttsching was (and still is) the main creator of the Ash Ra Tempel sound: a beautiful mix of keyboards layers (organ, string ensemble), repetitive an subtle rythmic loops and a solar guitar sound, played to create strange repetitive patterns or to draw magnificent solos...

With Manuel Göttsching, German electronic music meets Californian sun and coolness, cosmic journey are rythmed by a unique swing, and the music of the seventies meets the techno scene of the XXIst century... Göttsching was a precursor, and explored new spaces of repetitive music, for example in his famous E2 / E4 album, as influential as  Music for 18 musicians by Steve Reich was for contemporary music...

In the three tracks of this album, the basic materials were provided by Manuel Göttsching solo or Ash Ra concerts (1976 and 1979). Joachin Joe Claussell added new loops and beats on two tracks ("Deep(e) Distance" and "Ain't No Time for Tears". This is not really a remix, it is more like an enhanced version of the original live recordings. It is a perfect introduction to the musical world and skill of Manuel Göttsching...

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Anonyme a dit…

this is totally fab, gottsching easily one of my favs, and any of his old stuff is right-on, even new stuff cause he's deviated so little, this and the post above gottsching live are highly prized and very welcome, can't thank you enough for these.. zenman
n.b. some great concerts of gottsching in japan, etc., on you-tube, or where few months back..

the saucer people a dit…

This is just such a wonderful release and another Gottsching album I have been searching for, unti now!

I am glad that Joe Claussell & MG chose the tracks they did to restructure as both the songs really lend themselves to a "house" template (in its widest sense).

Having said that, I really wish he had also remixed the Shuttlecock track rather than just provide a live version of the track which you can already get on the Ashra "Private Tapes Vol 2" album.

Annoyingly, on the vinyl version of this release the "Shuttlecock" track is reduced to ten and a half minutes rather than the full eighteen minutes track on the CD release (glad the rip is from the CD!).

Personally speaking, the 1977 Ashra 'Blackouts' album with a version of 'Shuttlecock' (or 'Shuttle Cocks' as it is titled) is one of my favourite albums as is the Ashra 'New Age Of Earth' album from 1976 which has a version of "Deep Distance" on it.

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