dimanche 2 novembre 2008

Dan Hartman - New Green Clear Blue (1989)

"The subsconscious mind is a powerful world possessing experiences and feelings we do not necessarily recognize in our daily movements: but nonetheless they influence our entire lives. The tones and shades in this collection were performed live and intuitively for the purpose of opening channels by which the listener may visit their own subsconscious".

Dan Hartman provides his listeners with a fair description of what this ambient CD is about. Released by Private Music, the Peter Baumann's company, New Green Clear Blue is a beautiful and minimalist album, and Hartman acknowledges the musical inspiration of Vangelis and Harold Budd. Lyrical and intimate, most of the tracks are compositions for digital synthesizers: melody and harmonies are at the forefront, beautiful treatments create a far open space around the electronic sounds.

Dan Hartman is probably best known for his work as a songwriter and a musical producer. In the late seventies, he reached number-one in the Dance Charts with his singles,  "Instant replay" and "Relight my fire". In the eighties and until 1994, he worked as a producer with artists such as Tina Turner, Joe Cocker, Paul Young, James Brown, Nona Hendrix and Steve Windwood, to name but a few...

He died in 1994.

Private Music was used to offer to main stream artists a private creative space for more intimate and experimental projects. This 1989 album allows us to discover an unexpected side of Dan Hartman's talent, his interest in ambient music, his admiration for Harold Budd.

New Green Clear Blue is a beautiful CD to be listened to after midnight...

link: MP3 / 320

password: olduvai

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STEFAN M— a dit…

A fabulous work, very reminiscent of Harold Budd. We were even lining this up for our own blog, but bless you for saving us the work :-)

Stefan M—/ friendsound.wordpress.com

Dreamer a dit…

To Stefan m:
Thanks for your comment ! You have an interesting blog :-)

nigeyb a dit…

Absolutely classic stuff. I cannot believe this is the same Dan Hartman!

Paul B Hartzog a dit…

I have this cassette and have been looking for digital of it for a long time. Thanks.

I have been into electronic music since the 1970's and have quite a bit of Private Music releases and other items, many of them rare.

Please contact me when you can via http://panarchy.com/?q=contact or email. Perhaps we can share.... :-)

Anonyme a dit…

hi mate. I'm Adrian from Poland. I try to find two great Dan Hartman - Get Outta Town and The Name of the Game version tracks:

Get Outta Town (Instrumental)
Get Outta Town (Dub Version)
Get Outta Town (Extended Mix) (5:34)
Get Outta Town (Extended Dub) (4:24)
The Name Of The Game (Edit) (4:04)
The Name Of The Game (Instrumental Edit) (4:52)
The Name Of The Game (Extended Version) (9:08)
The Name Of The Game (Extended Instrumental Version) (9:16)
Name Of The Game (Extended Dance Version) (7:34)
Name Of The Game (Big Radio Edit) (4:38)
Name Of The Game (Big Dance Dub) (9:33)

do You have maybe any of these versions in mp3 format?

thank You very much for help. :)

my mail is: dreaddreadtime@hotmail.com