dimanche 9 novembre 2008

Brian Eno - Lightness. Music for the Marble Palace. The State Russian Museum (1997)

"The music of this CD is a 1 hour section of a hypothetically endless piece composed and recorded by Brian Eno for his installation at the marbe palace, The State Russian Museum, St Petersburg, in November 1997".

The two tracks of this album, "Atmospheric Lightness" (32:00) and "Chamber Lightness" (25:00) are made with slowly evolving electronic layers, using the generative capabilities of the Koan Pro software.  The result is a very quiet and minimal music, with beautiful harmonics created by the randomly driven polyphony. In the large room where this installation was displayed, computer-programmed projectors created randomized and colourful patterns on a series of screens, while another part of the room was dark.

This is a quiet music for a quiet times in a quiet place... 

link : mp3 / 320

password: olduvai

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Anonyme a dit…

beautiful, thanks man, rio

Polychromos a dit…

you have a very fine blog with an assortment of really special music - thank you for your work. And for the presentation of Eno, too.

may you have a sunny day. Polychromos

bobbysu a dit…

thank you so much

Anonyme a dit…

another eno jewl! thank you again!!