mardi 17 février 2009

Tangerine Dream - Live in Paris: missing artwork

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icastico a dit…

Thanks for the link back.
More experimental & ambient tracks later this week.

Anonyme a dit…

What happened to later this week? It's been over a month?

Please come back. We miss you.

All the best,

Antonio Hernández a dit…

Es de los mejores blogs de música que he visto en el internet.
Felicidades y gracias.

Its the best music blog I've seen on the internet.
Congratulations and thank you.

LiDi a dit…

Amazing blog. Thank you! I hope it will be continued.

icastico a dit…

New ambient music posted at

Palermo Syndrom a dit…

My blog contains neofolk / ambient / industrial / ritual and related genres. Interested for link-exchange? I added your blog on my follower's list on my blog. Keep up your good work! :)

Btw: Great ambient stuff you've got! :)

Unknown a dit…

Sorry to see you're not posting these days... but glad to have found your collection! :D