dimanche 21 décembre 2008

Bruce Kaphan - Slider - Ambient Excursions for Pedal Steel Guitar (2001)

If you are fond of Brian Eno and Daniel Lanois team work on Apollo, if you enjoy Bill Nelson's collaborations with Harold Budd or Ry Cooder's sound, then, you will love this debut record by Bruce Kaphan.  Pedal Steel guitar added to Apollo its unique touch of spacy country music. Bruce Kaphan has a wide range of experiences as a pedal steel guitarist, from  American Music Club to REM, Chris Isaak, John Lee Hooker and David Byrne. He is also very creative in the movie industry, and one could quote his recent soundtracks for Masked & Anonymous, No Easy Way and Crank Calls.

Slider - Ambient excursions for pedal steel guitar is a pure ambient gem, offering floating and liquid climates, where country music meets Indian raga and pure atmospheric music, with deep reverbs and intriguing harmonic climates. 

The sound, the feeling, the atmosphere are unique, and this record is blending the roots of American music with the outer space.

Slider got the following comment from the Rolling Stones magazine: "Kaphan makes Zen music for dustbowl airports, bewitching instrumentals, sweet dreams of light and flight in which Kaphan's licks ring like prayer bells across an open Texas plain".

Sweet dreams of light and flight... yes, it is a fair description of this album...

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M.G. a dit…

MErci Dreamer!

Je suis tombé sur votre blog par hasard, cet album devrait satisfaire ma soif d'enregistrements de pedal steel.

Salutations bien hautes de Montréal. Je garde oeil sur cotre blog avec assurance.

Joeyeuses fêtes!


drfeelgoed a dit…

looking forward to listen to it, thanks!

Anonyme a dit…


dwpbike a dit…

tanks for the post. just heard a track on radio - had to have more.