mercredi 1 octobre 2008

Jean-Philippe Goude - Ainsi de nous (1994)

Jean-Philippe Goude (b. 1952) is a French composer who wrote many soundtracks for movies,  TV shows, adverts and dance companies. Some of his compositions were also commissioned by music festivals and symphonic orchestras.

Ainsi de nous is a good introduction to Goude's musical universe (his discography includes 5 other CDs): chamber music, with an intimate and a very subtle atmosphere, the twelve tracks of this album put the emphasis on melodies and refrains, blending neoclassical influences, a light jazzy swing, and a frivolous elegance that could remind the style of the Penguin Orchestra...

Clarinet and saxophone, basson, cello and violin, piano and harmonium, acoustic bass and accordion provide these compositions with their specific colours, and one can notice, among the musicians involved, jazz artists such as Bruno Fontaine or Renaud Garcia-Fons.

This beautiful album is a gem quite representative of the new musics trend  "à la française"..

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Anonyme a dit…

Great album! Hope you can get his other post-fusion chamber rock releases.

Thanks for this - keep up the good work!